About Us

Can’t Be Denied, ENT.


Can’t Be Denied, Entertainment offers promotional services with muse and brand ambassadors, or vixens for adult entertainment.

CBD has management, and marketing teams to ensure the most profitable career choices and execute social media marketing and distribution on major platforms and playlist. networking events, and exposure. CBD is a family of entrepreneurs and career minded individuals in this entertainment industry. 


Bigger Than Money is one of our branches under CBD. BTM created by Geno Movado expresses why we are a family here at CBD. The legacy we are creating is bigger than money. The moves we are making and will continue to make can not be sold out or negotiated. Why? Because its BIGGER THAN MONEY. 


Wont Be Denied, is our sister branch of Queens.  WBD woman are the ambassadors, the beauty for promotion, marketing, hosting, and entertainment. Jamaica is the owner of this branch for women empowerment. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, models, mothers, and leaders. 


Cant Be Denied breeds leaders not followers.


 Are you ready to lead?